Exercise: Lo-Fi


In the previous exercise, you selected which opportunity sketches to move forward. Now, you'll move those opportunities into a single lo-fi wireframe.


(1) One Lo-Fi Wireframe Sketch that plugs your chosen Ideation Sketches, as well as any other elements you think are relevant, into a layout.

How to do the Exercise:

  • Sketch out the lo-fi wireframe as seen in the instructor's example.

How to get Feedback on Your Work:

If you're in a Coached or Certification track, and have active feedback access:

    • Upload your Lo-Fi in Notable
    • Share your work with [email protected]
    • We'll provide feedback notes within 48 hours of receipt.
    • If you'd also like live feedback, please RSVP to the next office hours session.
  • If you're in the Content Only track:
    • To assess your work, please compare your Lo-Fi to the instructor's work in the next video.
    • To upgrade to a Coached track, please click here.